OSAKA 4 series flowers 16-17


The Facts;

With a love for design and a huge wink to the world of fashion. Our 4 Series can be
called justifiably our most trendy stick. It will bring you beyond your best performance
levels with 80% carbon inside. Built to play a flawless game. The flower power print
brings a new level of style and decoration to your hockey stick. Never before all eyes
were on you just by showing up. Three bows, mid, low and probow to fit your expectations.
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?


  • 80% Carbon Content
  • 36,5”
  • Low Bow : 250mm / 24mm
  • Superlight category
  • Pro Touch Grip - Pearl White
  • Authenticity Osaka hologram

Type: Hockeysticks senior

Vendor: OSAKA

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